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Cell Swap

February 23, 2015

Since our encounter with the median on Coast Highway requiring AAA to flatbed us home, I noticed some strange drops in the pack’s state-of-charge, sometimes falling up to 10% in an instant. I called Orion to discuss the issue, and they requested some cell data logs. You generate them by driving around with a laptop running the Orion utility, connected to […]

Charging Ahead

January 26, 2015

My current charging routine involves popping the hood, pulling out the charging cable, snaking it to and through the back door, plugging into the 120 VAC outlet in the laundry room, returning outside to flip on the charging cable switch box, and then finally retiring inside for dinner. All that back-and-forth is getting old. What I […]

Emotional Rescue

June 17, 2014

A short road trip was long overdue, and our 10th wedding anniversary provided the perfect opportunity to get out of town. I include the shot above mainly as a way of gloating over the ample trunk room, despite the space occupied by the batteries. We buttoned her up and pointed ourselves toward Ventura, which is about 67 miles up the coast – almost at the limit […]

Throttle Back

March 19, 2014

Recently, I began experiencing hiccups in the main drive power stream. My console display indicated the motor current was randomly spiking up and down, even when I tried to hold a steady cruising speed. The motor also started fluttering during slow acceleration in low gear. After perusing the EV forums, I decided my throttle had […]

In the CAN

January 13, 2013

CAN stands for Controller Area Network, which is a protocol adopted by the auto industry to allow micro-controllers and other devices in a vehicle to communicate with each other. Shown above is a CAN adapter sold by Ewert Energy Systems that lets the Orion BMS communicate with a computer. Data flows from the Orion’s CAN […]

Battery Management Rethunk

January 13, 2013

With the batteries less than fully charged, my lovely wife and I headed toward Pasadena to visit friends. Even though the pack was not full, it had spent the entire previous night soaking up electrons, so I wasn’t particularly worried. The drive is only about 25 percent of my projected range, and the needle on […]

Connector Cheat Sheet

January 13, 2013

MOLEX 16-Pin Connector Female 16-Pin Automotive Connectors 16CKT RECPT 18-22AWG Mouser No: 538-19418-0029 MFG Part No:19418-0029 19418-0029 Molex Automotive Connectors US HTS:8538908060 ECCN:EAR99 COO:TW Product link . Male 16-Pin Automotive Connectors PLUG 16P 22-18 AWG dual row Mouser No: 538-19419-0020 MFG Part No:19419-0020 19419-0020 Molex Automotive Connectors US HTS:8538908080 ECCN:EAR99 COO:TW Product link . Male […]

Suspended Animation

October 28, 2012

While driving the Porsche 914 EV to West Covina, I noticed some shimmy in the steering at freeway speeds. Taking my pal Fordy’s advice, I commenced a complete rebuild of the front suspension. It seems the better part of wisdom to replace everything at once rather than waiting for various components to fail one-by-one. This […]

Baby’s First Charge

August 21, 2012

Most people generally assume an EV charging station is a battery charger, when in reality, the charger is located inside the car. The charging station at your local mall simply delivers 240 volts to your car through a standard J1772 plug, and the battery charger in your EV does the hard work. It’s great for […]

Play It Cool

July 12, 2012

These brackets on the driver side of the engine bay played an important role in their previous life by supporting the relay board. The board will no longer be needed, but the brackets are perfectly suited to support the liquid cooling system for the Curtis controller. Another bonus is that the original engine electrical harness […]