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Suspended Animation

October 28, 2012

While driving the Porsche 914 EV to West Covina, I noticed some shimmy in the steering at freeway speeds. Taking my pal Fordy’s advice, I commenced a complete rebuild of the front suspension. It seems the better part of wisdom to replace everything at once rather than waiting for various components to fail one-by-one. This […]

Fit and Trim

September 14, 2012

All of the stock chrome trim on the car is actually anodized aluminum.  Anodizing is an electrolytic process that increases the thickness of the outer oxide layer on metal to prevent corrosion. Apparently, the anodic film on aluminum is actually harder than the underlying metal, so it also provides some additional scratch resistance.  Very good […]

Comfort and Control

July 8, 2012

Finally it’s time to gather all of the interior fixtures and instruments to begin reassembling the cockpit. I purchased this reproduction center console from Auto Atlanta a while back, and have been eager to install it ever since. I was told the console just sits loose on top of the tunnel, but that image didn’t […]

Scaling Mount Motor

January 16, 2012

Time to tackle the motor mount. My understanding is that collar-type mounts cannot be used with the AC50 because they could warp the motor case, so instead an L-bracket mount is bolted to the motor end face. I had originally fabricated one based on RR’s 914 bracket for his AC50 motor, assuming my adapter alignment […]

Linkage Jerry

January 9, 2012

If removing all of the linkages is one of the first steps in dissembling the car, then putting them back is one of the last. It’s exciting knowing that the car is closer to completion. Above is a shot of the clutch and speedometer cables installed. A zip-tie around both cables provided added support for […]

Mating Game

December 23, 2011

The transaxle is now refurbished and shiny, and the grand moment of coupling it to the AC50 electric drive motor has arrived. I just received two essential items from Canadian EV: the hub and the adapter plate. The hub is used to mount the clutch and flywheel to the AC50 electric motor. The custom adapter […]

Getting in Gear

December 5, 2011

When I bought my roller, the health of the transaxle was unknown. There was no point marrying it to the electric motor, riding solely on faith that it wouldn’t fail. A transaxle is a complex affair with a myriad of moving parts, and the only way to know its condition is to crack it open. […]

Rocker Roll

November 14, 2011

My original black plastic scuff plates and inner carpet strip were worn, cracked, and generally pretty beaten up, so I replaced them with durable new aluminum versions that will make a great impression every time the doors open. To install, I removed the door weather strip so the upper rivet mounting holes were accessible, and the scuff […]

Belt Tightening

September 28, 2011

Above is a picture of the original seat belts after receiving some TLC.  They didn’t start out looking this respectable, and they weren’t operating properly.  I considered replacing them, but a new pair of genuine 914 seat belts are currently priced from $270 to $500 per pair.  The next best option is re-manufactured replicas from Professionally […]

Spoiler Alert

September 25, 2011

Because the tow bracket will live permanently under the front bumper, the stock valance needs to be replaced to allow clearance for a tow bar.  The Special Edition Front Spoiler from Pelican Parts was recommended by David Lee at Rennen Metal, who makes the same tow bracket.  The spoiler is fiberglass, and is much lighter […]