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Picking the Glider

This is what I saw when the clock ran out

I had been thinking about how much time and money it might take to convert a gas-burning automobile to electric.  I had been reading other blogs (specifically about 914 conversions), just to get a feel for the difficulty or ease it might involve.  My personal history is smattered with Volkswagens, including a Karmann Ghia, a VW 412 sedan, a VW Adventurewagen camper bus, and a half-dozen classic air-cooled Beetles, so I was pretty satisfied I could handle the conversion without too much tsouris.  Having been inspired by the recent rubber-stamping and approval to go online with my residential solar array earlier that week, I saw the clean state of this 914 on eBay and calmly entered the bidding. This seemed like the next logical step toward getting off the grid.  It wasn’t until the bidding ended without a real fight that I was left with a non-running car 300 miles away, and wondered what I had gotten myself into.


One Response to “Picking the Glider”

  1. You Man! I think i would like to start rebuilding a motorcycle before trying a car… that dashboard alone would drive me bonkers!!

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