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Charging Ahead

January 26, 2015

My current charging routine involves popping the hood, pulling out the charging cable, snaking it to and through the back door, plugging into the 120 VAC outlet in the laundry room, returning outside to flip on the charging cable switch box, and then finally retiring inside for dinner. All that back-and-forth is getting old. What I […]

Brain Boot

February 24, 2014

I recently drove the 914 EV to Ontario, CA, so High Performance Electric Vehicle Systems could update my Curtis software and adjust some of my controller parameters. HPEVS builds the AC-50 electric motor system that I installed in my Porsche, and has all the equipment to keep it running at its peak. Their facility is 45 […]


March 27, 2013

My Saturday began with an early morning run and breakfast with my buddy Fordy, followed by a tour of the Expo light rail line construction on the Los Angeles westside. While crossing Centinela at Olympic, I noticed a bevy of emergency vehicles focusing their attention on a 914. Of course, I swung around in solidarity […]

Film Screening and EV Showing

January 18, 2013

I have the honor of being asked a second time to show my Porsche EV conversion at the screening of What is the Electric Car? at the MLK auditorium at Santa Monica Library this Sunday, January 18th at 2pm. If Who Killed the Electric Car? and Revenge of the Electric Car interested you in the […]