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Fit and Trim

September 14, 2012

All of the stock chrome trim on the car is actually anodized aluminum.  Anodizing is an electrolytic process that increases the thickness of the outer oxide layer on metal to prevent corrosion. Apparently, the anodic film on aluminum is actually harder than the underlying metal, so it also provides some additional scratch resistance.  Very good […]

Rocker Roll

November 14, 2011

My original black plastic scuff plates and inner carpet strip were worn, cracked, and generally pretty beaten up, so I replaced them with durable new aluminum versions that will make a great impression every time the doors open. To install, I removed the door weather strip so the upper rivet mounting holes were accessible, and the scuff […]

Spoiler Alert

September 25, 2011

Because the tow bracket will live permanently under the front bumper, the stock valance needs to be replaced to allow clearance for a tow bar.  The Special Edition Front Spoiler from Pelican Parts was recommended by David Lee at Rennen Metal, who makes the same tow bracket.  The spoiler is fiberglass, and is much lighter […]

Lose the Tits

September 18, 2011

Above is a shot taken in either Mojave or Joshua Tree of a 914 with stock rubber bumper guards, also known as “tits.” Mine were in pretty bad shape as a result of weather, sun, and some prior disagreement with a large object.  Anyway, I feel that the bumper guards are unattractive and just add […]

Sweet Pad

September 11, 2011

The last piece of upholstery to be finished and installed is the back pad, which is a three-piece cover for the firewall that buffers the seats from engine bay noise and heat.  The new upholstery pieces came with the 914 kit purchased earlier from World Upholstery.  Although it’s possible to buy a fiberglass core board […]

Undercoat and Paint – Odds and Ends

August 25, 2011

The last bit of undercoating that needed finishing was the floor pan.  The prior round of exterior undercoating focused only on the difficult nooks and crannies of the wheel, bumper, motor and suspension cavities.  The flat and accessible surface of the floor pan was saved for later when I had more time, which happened this […]

Full Sail Ahead

May 16, 2011

It’s common for 914 fanatics to remove the black vinyl from their sail panels and targa bar for a cleaner look.  Porsche even sold specific models of the 914 without the sail panel vinyl, but I decided to stick with my vintage stock look and replace it.  Better to curb my budget conforming to known […]

Targa Top Restoration

May 10, 2011

The original removable targa top was dull and oxide gray, with a couple deformities caused by improper storage in the trunk.  It just needed a little love to bring it back to life.  After removing all the hardware and weatherstripping, I broke out my trusty rotary hand sander and used 800 grade sandpaper to level […]

The Wheel Deal

April 17, 2011

Not exactly real Fuchs wheels, but reproductions.  These have just come back from Cal Blast in Upland, are completely stripped of paint and covered in powdery white baking soda.  Compare this to a picture taken when I first bought them. . The original paint was cracking and chipping badly enough that I decided to strip […]

Rust Proof

January 29, 2011

Aside from the rocker panels, there are a few other places on the car that should receive special rust-proofing.  Because the car had been stripped to metal, it became highly vulnerable in obscure spots where the new paint didn’t reach.  One example is the cavity directly underneath the headlight well:  an area with no other […]